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DESPERO 30-10-10 +TE 


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Product nameDESPERO 30-10-10 +TE 

Oniki Despero is a fertilizer composed of high quality raw materials 100%

Price in Jordanian dinar5   Jordanian dinar 
the useOniki DESPERO 30-10-10 +TE is a fertilizer composed of high quality raw materials 100%. It is soluble in water and free of any toxic substances. It can be used as a foliar fertilizer.  

It contains total nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide and potassium oxide 

the family Fertilizers and fertilisers 
the size1 kg
seasonsUsed in all seasons 
Agricultural cropsIt is used on agricultural crops
country of originTürkiye
ConfusedDESPERO 30-10-10 +TE is used according to the instructions on the package and is used at 3 kg per hectare, which is an application of 300 liters of water per hectare.
the useUse by spraying after mixing
Quantity available in store1000



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