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Consulting - Plant World
Ask artificial intelligence, it will help you identify the disease and how to deal with it

Sustainable agriculture using artificial intelligence

Welcome to the world of plants, where agriculture meets modern technology for maximum productivity and sustainability. We provide innovative AI solutions to the agriculture industry, enabling farmers to understand and improve the world of plants in ways they never imagined.

We are farmers ourselves,

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The Plant World website is a platform that provides support to thousands of farmers in more than 70 countries, answering inquiries related to more than 300 types of crops. It is a knowledge hub that explains the intricacies of agriculture – from disease diagnosis to soil testing, fertilizer applications to pest management. In the vast world of agriculture, the Plant World website is a useful resource for farmers around the world.


Plant World is a cutting-edge AI solution for agriculture, delivering real-time, customizable insights that translate your unique farm data into actionable strategies, boosting yields and efficiency. With an emphasis on continuous learning from user input, Plant World gives agronomists the ability to make accurate decisions, respecting the integrity of the data and adapting to the characteristics of each individual farm. The features below are under development.

Consulting - Plant World
Personalize your data

Your data is your power. The plant world respects this, ensuring safe handling of your farm data while unlocking the true potential it holds.

Consulting - Plant World
Special agricultural data

Explore unique insights into private agriculture data. Plant World helps you uncover hidden patterns and trends, leading to smart, data-driven agriculture.

Consulting - Plant World
Multi-mode vision and interface

Plant World boasts a flexible, multi-mode interface designed to adapt to your unique growing environment. This system embraces a range of media types, including not only text, but also images, videos, and perhaps more to come.

Consulting - Plant World
Consulting - Plant World
Agricultural specialist process

Using advanced agronomist principles and incorporating the latest AI technologies, Plant World is revolutionizing the farming process – delivering superior results for a sustainable future.

Consulting - Plant World
Live broadcast of agriculture data

Benefit from real-time agricultural insights with Live Plant World streaming data, providing a dynamic, data-driven edge to your agricultural decisions.

Consulting - Plant World
Reinforcement learning data from Plant World users

User reinforcement learning constantly evolves with you. It reads your input, improves its experience, enhancing predictions and recommendations.

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