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Plant world
Customized services for companies - World of Plants
Plant world

Image recognition applications

Applications for diagnosing plant diseases

We provide advanced technical solutions to farmers and those interested in agriculture to diagnose diseases that affect crops, by analyzing images and providing effective guidance to combat these diseases.

A system for analyzing medical images and diagnosing cancer

We provide advanced systems based on artificial intelligence to analyze medical images and accurately diagnose cancer, which contributes to faster and more effective treatment guidance

Solutions to detect defects and problems in products

We provide image recognition-based analytical tools to detect defects and problems in agricultural and medical products, which helps improve product quality and reduce health and environmental risks.

Chat-based artificial intelligence systems

With the world of plants, we harness artificial intelligence in early detection of agricultural pests and provide consultations using an artificial intelligence system that we developed specifically for that.

Developing artificial intelligence assistants for customer service

We provide innovative solutions to develop artificial intelligence assistants that can help in several areas via chat platforms in guiding them and providing immediate advice and support.

Smart chat applications for intercommunication within organizations

We provide solutions for effective communication within medical and agricultural institutions through smart chat applications, which facilitate coordination and information exchange between teams quickly and smoothly.

Machine learning applications to provide interactive lessons and guide students

We provide innovative educational solutions based on machine learning and guide students and those interested in agriculture and medicine through interactive chat platforms that present educational content in an interesting and effective way.

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