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Roundup Star (soluble concentrate)

10 D.A

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Product nameRoundup Star (soluble concentrate)

ROUNDUP star 44.1% SL

Price in Jordanian dinar10 Jordanian dinars 
the useRoundup Star is an agricultural weed killer that is sprayed on leaves in the post-growth stage to eliminate perennial weeds. It is used in tree orchards, field crops before harvest, and industrial and aquatic lands.

It is used to control weeds 

the family Herbicides 
the size1 litre    
seasonsUsed in all seasons 
The herbs he treats Resistance to weeds: reeds, grass, turf, sorrel, saida, brambles, shepherd's stick, and horsetail.
Production countrySpain
ConfusedIt is used for mixing with water in one barrel only
the useUse by spraying after mixing  



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