A picture of a zucchini plant suffering from Zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV)
Zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV)

English name: Zucchini yellow mosaic virus Scientific name: Zucchini yellow mosaic virus Type of disease: Viral disease Family: Potyviridae Symptoms Infected plants appear clear yellow mosaic patterns on the leaves, with alternating green and yellow spots. Mosaic patterns may cover the entire leaf or appear in irregular patches. Leaves may also become distorted, curled, or atrophied. maybe…

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A picture of a zucchini plant suffering from powdery mildew
Powdery mildew

English name: Powdery Mildew Scientific name: Podosphaera xanthii, Erysiphe cichoracearum Type of disease: Fungal disease Family: Erysiphaceae Symptoms Powdery mildew initially appears in the form of small white powdery spots on the upper surfaces of the leaves. As the disease progresses, the spots enlarge and cover the upper leaf surface with a thick, powdery white layer. Affected leaves may become deformed, yellow or turn brown, and dry...

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Late blight in zucchini - the world of plants
Late blight in zucchini

Late blight in zucchini Scientific name: Phytophthora infestans Causative agent: Phytophthora capsici Symptoms of late blight in zucchini: It is noted on the affected leaves that the leaf appears pale and shriveled and appears pale yellow in color and has lost its luster. The leaf is covered with spots and wilted areas surrounded by a light yellow halo that increases in size as we approach the edges and sides of the leaf, starting with…

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Downy mildew on cucurbits - Plant World
Downy mildew on cucurbits

Downy mildew on cucurbits Scientific name: Downy mildew of cucurbits Causative fungus: Pseudoperonospora cubensis Rosy. Symptoms of downy mildew on cucurbits: Symptoms appear on the leaves only, while the fruits and other parts of the plant are not affected. Symptoms appear first on the old leaves of the plant, as yellow ribbed spots are seen on the upper surface...

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Spread the treasures of cucurbits - the world of plants
Scatter the treasures of cucurbits

Anthracnose of cucurbits Scientific name: Anthracnose of cucurbits Fungus causing: Colletotrichum orbiculare Arx Symptoms of anthracnose of cucurbits: Symptoms of anthracnose of cucurbits appear on the leaves in the form of small yellow spots, which expand to reach 1-2 cm and become black in color. The affected tissue dries up, and the dead spots may fall off, leaving holes in their place. You get infected...

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American bollworm - the world of plants
American bollworm in zucchini

American bollworm in zucchini Scientific name: Helicoverpa armigera Family: lepidoptera Symptoms of the American bollworm in zucchini: The larvae in the first stages attacks the leaves and works by licking the skin, then feeds on the entire leaf blade. It attacks the buds and juicy fruits, and the black insect remains are observed. A picture showing you the symptoms of American bollworm infection in zucchini...

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Early blight - the world of plants
Early blight in zucchini

Early blight in zucchini Scientific name: Alternaria solani The causative fungus: Alternaria cucumerina Symptoms of early blight in zucchini: Yellowish-brown spots with a yellow or green halo form on the leaves. It attacks the oldest parts of plants first, before spreading to newer leaves. If you leave these spots, they will eventually expand and merge. It becomes necrotic and causes...

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Digger (Haloush) - the world of plants
The borer (Haloush) in zucchini

The borer (halush) in zucchini Scientific name: Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa Family: Orthoptera Symptoms of the disease: The adults and nymphs attack the roots of plants and feed on them, leading to the yellowing of the plants and the death of the seedlings. The insect digs and attacks the fruits and seeds before they germinate, and loose piles appear on the surface of the soil. A picture showing you the symptoms of the borer (Haloush)...

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Cutworm - the world of plants
Cutworm in zucchini

Zucchini cutworm Scientific name: Agrotis ipsilon Family: Lepidoptera Symptoms of zucchini cutworm: Small larvae make irregular holes on tender leaves. Large larvae bite the seedling at or slightly above the soil surface, leading to the stem being completely or partially cut off. Large larvae burrow into the stems of large plants, causing…

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Two-spotted field cockroach - plant world
Two-spotted field cricket in zucchini

The two-spotted field cockroach in zucchini Scientific name: Gryllus bimaculatus Family: Orthoptera Symptoms of the two-spotted field cockroach in zucchini: Nymphs and adult insects attack seeds in the soil. It attacks new seedlings and destroys them, and also bites the leaves and makes many holes in them. It attacks vegetable crops and causes holes. -You recognize the presence of the insect from...

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