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Disease name: Pierce peach leaves 

 The scientific name: Stigmina carpophila  

  Disease family: It infects peaches, apricots and almonds in the rain-fed regions of Jordan.

Blackleg disease on potato stems - Plant World

 Symptoms of the diseaseSymptoms initially appear in the form of red or purple circular spots that soon dry up and fall off, leaving behind holes that may reach 4 mm in diameter (as shown in the picture). Buds are noted to die and new branches become glued (as shown in the picture). In the event of infection, the fruits appear. It has small circular pimples on the surface, with gum appearing in the fruits. Blackleg disease on potato stems - Plant World

 The causes of disease: The disease is caused by the fungus Stigmina carpophila, which belongs to Mycobacterium imperfecta. 

 Suitable conditions for the spread of the disease: moderate temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius are suitable for the development of the disease, and it requires moderate humidity, as high humidity helps in the rapid appearance of symptoms.

 Disease development cycle: Conidial spores are in a bundle of conidia, and the fungus spends its dormant period on tree buds and branches in the form of mycelium threads. The causative fungi spend inter-seasonal periods in tree cankers and the dormant fungi become active in the spring to cause primary infection. Germs require 24 hours of continuous wetness to cause infection.

 Losses from the spread of disease: It primarily affects plant growth and production quality. 

 Control strategy: It is easier to defeat insects during the early stages and is more cost effective. The field should also be monitored routinely and looked for the presence of the above signs.

Fungal treatments work to protect buds and branches from infection in orchards, and the effectiveness of treatment can be improved by pruning and burning pruning residues. In orchards that have a history of this disease, spraying during the dormant period helps protect against this disease. 

 Preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of the disease

  1. Disposal of infected plant waste. Avoid spraying water on the bottom of the plant when irrigating.
  2. Take care of potassium fertilization, as it has a role in reducing the incidence of disease.
  3. Perform good pruning by opening the heart of the tree to improve ventilation and allow the sun to enter the trees.

 Organic and chemical control recommendations:

Trees are sprayed with fungicides such as Benelite, Bordeaux mixture, or Captan from the beginning of the leaves opening, and spraying must be before June when symptoms of the disease appear.

Blackleg disease on potato stems - Plant World
Blackleg disease on potato stems - Plant World

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