Septoria blotch in parsley

A picture of a parsley plant infected with Septoria leaf spot

Septoria blotch in parsley - Plant World

Septoria blotch in parsley

Septoria Leaf Spot

The causative agent is the fungus: Septoria lycopersici

Symptoms and damages

This disease is devastating to the leaves, petioles and stems of tomatoes (it does not affect the fruits), but it also affects lettuce, parsley, fennel, and others.

It is also caused by the fungus Septoria lycopersici. Infection usually occurs on lower leaves near the ground.

Numerous small circular spots with dark borders surrounding a beige center appear on older leaves.

Small black spots, which are the spore-producing fruiting bodies, can be seen in the center of the spots.

Severely infected leaves turn yellow, fall from the plant and die.

Comments about the disease

The fungus is most active when temperatures range from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, humidity is high, rainfall or heavy irrigation of leaves leads to the transfer of spores, exhaustion of plants, leaf fall, and weakening of the plant, and reduces the size and quality of the crop, and the fungi are not borne in the soil. , but it can remain on the remains of previous crops.

Prevention and treatment

  • Follow an appropriate triple agricultural cycle.
  • Improving good soil drainage.
  • Removing the remains of previous crops.
  • Do not irrigate by spraying.
  • One of the following fungicides can be used: chlorothalonil, copper fungicides, or mancozeb.


Small, angular gray-brown spots with definite red-brown borders on leaves; Black fruiting fungal bodies may appear on the surface of the lesions; Leaves become yellowed and necrotic.

a reason



The disease is spread by infected seeds, contaminated irrigation water, and by equipment or people moving through wet plants.


Disease control relies on cultural control methods and good sanitation practices:

  • Use pathogen-free seeds or treat seeds with fungicides before planting; Crop rotation.
  • Till plant debris into the soil.
  • If the disease is present, avoid working with infected plants while the foliage is wet; Apply appropriate protective fungicides

Septoria blotch in parsley - Plant World

Close-up of Septoria blight on parsley

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