Cucumber diseases

Anthracnose - the world of plants

Cucumber diseases Disease name: Anthracnose Scientific name: Colletotrichum gloeosporioide Disease family: It attacks cucumber, watermelon, and cantaloupe in the Arab region. It may attack the plant at any time, whether at the beginning of the season or after fruit formation. The disease rarely attacks other members of the cucurbit family, such as pumpkin or zucchini. It may affect fruits, stems or leaves. Symptoms of the disease: Symptoms appear...

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Sclerotinia stem rot disease - Plant World
Sclerotinia stem rot disease 

Cucumber diseases Disease name: Sclerotinia stem rot Scientific name: Sclerotinia Stem Rot Disease family: Vegetable crops such as zucchini, cucumber, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and okra. It is one of the most devastating diseases of plants grown in cold temperate regions and attacks plants in the field or during transportation and marketing. Symptoms of the disease: One of the most important distinctive symptoms of this disease is the appearance of lumbar growth...

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Root-knot nematode - Plant World
Root knot nematode 

Cucumber diseases Disease name: Root-knot nematode Scientific name: Root Knot Nematode Disease family: It infects crops of the cucurbit and eggplant family and most field crop plants. Symptoms of the disease: stunted growth of the plant, yellowing of the leaves, and their wilting during the hot hours of the day. Plants rarely die early due to infection. It is noted that nodules appear on the affected roots, which are swellings resulting from…

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From watermelon - the world of plants
Of watermelon 

Cucumber diseases Disease name: Watermelon Scientific name: Aphis gossypii (Aphidae) Disease family: It attacks many families, the most important of which are cucumbers, zucchini, onions, and the rest of the cucumbers, okra, and citrus fruits. It severely infects peppers of various types in the Jordan Valley, more than green peaches, and is also widespread in Amman, Madaba, and Ramtha. In open and protected cultivation. Symptoms of the disease: found on the lower surface of the leaves...

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Cucumber mosaic - the world of plants
Cucumber mosaic 

Name of the disease: Cucumber Mosaic Scientific name: Cucumber Mosaic Disease family: It affects many vegetables and ornamental plants, and it is one of the most important diseases that affect cucumbers. Symptoms of the disease: The appearance of yellow color is observed on the new leaves, followed by mottling, and the plants become small in size and deformed, and also appear There are also signs of mottling on the fruits. You may notice protrusions on the outside...

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Powdery mildew on cucumber - The world of plants
Powdery mildew on cucumber  

Name of the disease: Powdery mildew on cucumbers Scientific name: Erysiphe cichoracearum Disease family: A common disease of cucurbits, especially cantaloupe, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, squash, and sometimes watermelon. The susceptibility of each crop differs from the other in terms of infection with this disease. We find that the most susceptible are cucumbers, followed by cantaloupe, followed by zucchini, followed by watermelon and pumpkin, and the least affected are squash and pumpkin. symptoms…

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Gray mold on cucurbits - Plant World
Gray mold on cucurbits 

Name of the disease: Gray mold on cucurbits Scientific name: Botrytis cinerea Disease family: It attacks a large number of vegetable crops, as it appears on legumes, lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots. Symptoms of the disease: The fruits in the flower tip area are affected by gray rot that extends along the length of the fruit, as are the leaves and any wounded part of the plant. Causes of the disease: wounds, dampness due to excessive irrigation, conditions...

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Downy Mildew - the world of plants
Downy Mildew

Cucumber diseases Disease name: Downy Mildew Scientific name: Pseudoperonospora cubensis, Plasmopara viticola Disease family: It is one of the deadly diseases spread in cucurbits throughout the Arab region, especially those grown inside greenhouses. Symptoms of the disease: Spots appear on the upper surface of the leaves, which initially appear pale green, and later turn yellow and may…

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