Copper deficiency

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  • Copper deficiency

  • Name of the disease

Copper deficiency

  • The scientific name

Copper deficiency

  • Type of disease Family of disease

Type: non-vital

Disease family: Physiological diseases

  • Symptoms of copper deficiency

Legumes are also sensitive to copper deficiency. Symptoms range from cupping and wilting to the appearance of death margins on young leaves. Legume crops use copper in the nitrogen fixation process and deficiency symptoms can often look like nitrogen deficiency.

  • Causes of copper deficiency

Calcareous soil with a high content of calcium carbonate, which reduces the availability of copper and leads to its precipitation, where copper carbonate is formed.

Copper is incompatible with some elements, and increasing their concentration in the soil reduces the availability of copper, such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Organic matter and heavy soil bind copper to them, and thus it is difficult to release it and its suitability for plants is reduced.

  • Conditions suitable for the spread of the disease

The pH level of the soil, as its suitability for plants decreases in alkaline medium

  • Photos of the disease at its beginning and after its spread, in high quality, at least 5 photos in high quality

Copper deficiency - the world of plants

Copper deficiency - the world of plants Copper deficiency - the world of plants

Copper deficiency - the world of plants

Copper deficiency - the world of plants

  • Copper deficiency propagation losses
  • Deficiency symptoms rarely appear due to its inclusion in the composition of many fungicides.
  • In severe deficiency, it leads to the death of plant tips.
  • The symptoms of its deficiency are similar to those of iron, manganese, and sulfur on potato plants.
  • Control strategy
  • Chemical fertilizer
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Fertilizer recommendations

Chelated copper - copper sulphate - copper nitrate - copper acetate - copper formate - organic copper - copper hydroxide

Anti-membership recommendations

Fermented organic fertilizer

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