Fig tree drying out

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Fig tree drying out

  • Causes of fig tree dryness

The following are the reasons for the drying out of fig trees:

  • Cold temperatures

If the fig tree is grown in areas with very cold climates, this leads to the leaves withering, and the trees fail to produce fruit.

  • Water and heat stress

Because the roots of fig trees grow close to the surface of the soil, they are susceptible to drought, and when the tree becomes dry, its leaves begin to wilt and fall. Usually, the wilting of the leaves in the afternoon indicates that the tree needs water, and high temperatures also lead to the drying out of figs.

  • Diseases that affect fig trees

Some diseases that affect fig leaves, such as: Fig rust may not only affect its leaves but also cause the fig to wilt or fail to ripen.

  • Symptoms of dry fig tree

Here are several symptoms that represent a dry fig tree:

  • Brown spots appear on the leaves, usually at the edge of the leaves instead of the middle.
  • Leaves all over the tree from top to bottom are affected by these spots.
  • The leaves become spiral-shaped.
  • The leaves may look healthy, but the leaves will all fall off.
  • How to treat fig tree dryness

Methods for treating dryness of fig trees:

  • Light brown spots appear on the leaves, and some leaves begin to fall. You can treat them by resuming the watering routine, or increasing it while monitoring the condition of the soil. Within two months, the tree should recover and begin producing healthy leaves.
  • Water the tree if it shows drooping leaves, a few leaves have crunchy edges, and remove any leaves with damage greater than 50%.
  • It is best to abandon the tree if all the leaves have dried, but if there is a trunk or part of it still alive, the tree can be revived, and this will take a lot of time and care.
  • All dead parts should be cut off, and start over by watering and fertilizing regularly, and trimming the top to encourage new growth.
  • How to protect a fig tree from drying out

Here are ways to protect fig trees from drying out:

  • Young trees should be watered regularly until they are established in the soil. In dry climates, water fig trees deeply at least once a week.
  • Place a layer of mulch around the tree; To prevent weeds from growing and keep the roots moist.
  • Move fig trees grown in containers in colder areas indoors; To maintain its moisture.
  • Check the soil at least once a week; To find out if your fig tree needs more water.
  • Fig tree care tips

Some tips for caring for fig trees:

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